i believe #1

We get one life so let's take every opportunity to have more fun, adventure & peace

i beleive #2

Everyone deserves to choose how they live & be loved unconditionally 

i believe #3

We all have the power to change ourselves so we can change the world for good



I am mother to four tweens/teens and wife to Jonny but most of all I am me. 

I am spontaneous, I love being outside in the wild and I hate being tied down to anything that takes away adventure. 

I am fun and generous, I love a good doughnut and I can't eat salad that isn't fresh. 

I am passionate about people feeling valued, I love travelling and I loathe being idle (unless I'm doing it intentionally, in which case I love it!)



The daughter of parents who joined the Mormon Church, I grew up thinking that God could hear my thoughts and in order to get into heaven, I had to be a certain way. For as long as I can remember, I've been called 'trouble' and 'whirlwind', all tongue in cheek but it stuck and I knew there was truth in there somewhere. I always felt different and like shaking things up was what I was born to do. I wasn't built 'that certain way'. 

Jonny and I got married young and had kids straight away. We weren't ready and we've had to navigate that path together.

Since leaving our membership with the Mormon church, we've had to learn to live autonomously and learn a new way of discovering who we are and what we really stand for.


Being married at 19, and having 4 kids under 5 by the time I was 25 was HARD. I had to grow up really fast and before I felt ready to but being a mother saved me. I had little people beyond myself to think about which gave me focus. Having them encouraged me to want to do better. 

I fell in love with self-development when I read 'The Anatomy of Peace' by The Arbinger Institute 8 years ago. It was like a light bulb went on in my head and I became a self help, audible and 'I am going to do better' junkie. 

I wanted to heal the generational patterns of trauma so I didn't keep passing it down to my children. I wanted a different life for them than the one we were experiencing. After having a really profound experience meeting my past head on, I trained in Rapid Transformational Therapy so I could provide the same for other people. 

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From a young age, I've always loved helping people and it's now the foundation of my business. I love being around go getters and seem to have natural skills in helping them to see their own worth and potential. I love the feeling of using my own experiences to show others that they too can break free from limiting beliefs and really live the adventure a strong and independant mindset provides. 


I love challenging the status quo and questioning the construct of one's inner beliefs. There is such joy that comes with the liberation of living by your own compass, it requires letting go of the constraints you have been bound by. It takes huge courage and determination. I feel so passionate, having walked the path myself, about leading others on it too.

The world needs you to heal from your past & own your stuff so you can live in your potential. Because when you do, you unknowingly commit to being a positive impact for those around you.

You become a world changing, high vibration, action taking hero. Lighting the life of everyone you come into contact with. You are not scared of challenges or obstacles. You know there is more and you're determined to have it and most importantly, to share it. 

I hope you share my mantra to 'Do Better, Expect More'