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I'm Cassie.

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I’ve believe everyone deserves the opportunity to choose how they live.

Through my personal experience and working with clients, I use my understanding of the human mind and passion for living ife on my own terms to guide others to embody who they really are, without the labels, limitations and expectations of others. 

"Cassie, you uncovered me. In our last session we looked back to what how I felt in the beginning of our work and I couldn’t believe what I’ve achieved. Yes, it is incredible! I would not be where I am in my business if I didn’t work with you. I’m so looking forward to our next steps."

Daniela Correia

"I came to Cassie via recommendation which speaks volumes in itself. Right at the beginning Cassie was clear and straight to the point, all whilst being attentive to what I had to say/share. This was even before I had committed. During the whole process Cassie was there when I felt overwhelmed, or felt I wasn’t able to deal with certain situations. Having Cassie there to help, meant I was able to create new opportunities and pathways on how to cope with things I previously couldn’t before. The sense of peace I now feel (though this of course naturally fluctuates) has been something I have always wanted, which without Cassie’s help would have taken me longer to find."

Jem Boarder
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